This is Rural Builders Organisation...

...a National Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), registered under the Trustee Act of the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC), Abuja. The Organisation belongs to the Economic and social Welfare thematic group and pursues a common goal of improved and sustainable livelihood of resident.



To engage rural residents on development issues build their capacity on the way to go and the work to do to overcome poverty.

"Our vision is to be a leading focal organisation for rural life development; driving dynamic and sustainable improved livelihood that is achievable through creativity, partnership and support."

Rural Reality of the future

Key Approaches

" We have identified salient characteristics of the sustainable rural community of the future. Realistically, no one community is likely to grow independently. But our fact finding turned up many excellent examples of rural communities in Nigeria already displaying inspiring survival techniques while others shows readiness to learn and network "

Our Objective

Rural Engagement
To make sure that rural people are well engaged to understand and make informed decisions that impact on their livelihood and society in a sustainable way..
Community Engagement
This is a community mobilisation strategies that include residents in the planning and implimentation of sustainable programmes/ projects.

Agricultural Value Addition
The initiatives support the rural entrepreneurs to get involved in creative agricultural product value addition and other value chain logistics.

Rural Financing
Recognising the unique environment of the rural economy, the organisation adopts 'rural financing system'. This implies that rural financing is beyond microfinancing.

Contact Information

153, Ikpoba Slope, Benin City,Nigeria
Phone: +234 805 673 4637
Office: +234 52 293 777 (Office Hour)